Individual Sessions, Integrated Bodywork & Other Workshops

Individual sessions for adults and children are available for Mindfulness, Integrated Bodywork Therapies or both.

COST €50.00-€65.00

Note, children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and consent obtained.

The practice of mindfulness both formally as meditation and informally in our day-to-day lives offers a way of learning to “be with” our experiences moment by moment within ourselves.

This process of learning occurs both through individual instruction and through the experience of hands-on work.

The focus of this work is on self-awareness, stress relief and well being.

Hands on work is known to enhance the experience of ‘being present’.

Martina specialises in bodywork as a profound modality for healing, relief of anxiety, pain-relief and learning to practice self-compassion.

Hot Stone Therapy Workshop

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