“Being present, responding with kindness, seeing deeply.”


Mindfulness is an innate capacity of the mind to be aware of the present moment without judgement.

It is a way of connecting with our true, spontaneous selves.


Mindfulness can be developed through specific practices which promote a way of being that helps us lead healthier lives and also to take better care of ourselves and others.

Through learning to be present we become spontaneous and free rather than controlled and artificial. We stop blocking the natural healing process that exists within all of us.

With practice, mindfulness enables us to act more effectively when stressed, rather than simply ‘reacting’. It increases our ability to be more responsive to our particular circumstances. It enhances a change in attitude towards difficult states of mind from being ‘judgmental’ and ‘controlling’ to being ‘non-judgmental’ and ‘more accepting’.

It increases our spontaneity, creativity, and our ability to relate openly. It helps us to develop compassion and insight. It helps in the development of our ability to recognize, acknowledge and work with difficult states of mind like stress, anxiety or depression in a helpful way. It is extremely effective in dealing with pain and can significantly improve our quality of life.

Compassion Based Mindfulness Courses & Training

Mindfulness training for adults (MBLC),

Mindfulness for teens age17+ and young adults

Mindfulness for students @ NUIG

Mindfulness and well-being programme for schools, the workplace and community projects.

You and your child. Mindfulness for Parent and child.

Compassion Based Mindfulness for Teens and Young Adults

Mindfulness for Children is available in individual sessions

Children use it:

To feel happier, calmer and more fulfilled

To get on better with others

To help them concentrate and learn better

To help cope with stress and anxiety

To perform better in music, sport and in exams

Other Courses & Workshops are Available

Training for Teachers, Therapists and other professionals

Healing art and meditation

Post grad training in bodywork and hot stone therapy

Stepping stones to wellness workshops

Mindful movement and healing art for children

Compassionate Mindfulness Galway